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A Conversation with Wendy Kopp

So I’m a pretty loud critic of Teach for America in my friend circle, and I headed to a Penn sponsored event with guest speaker Wendy Kopp, Founder and Chair of … Continue reading

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Should You Be In Silicon Valley?

Originally posted on Ricky Hopper:
Recently, I returned home from an internship in Silicon Valley. Having spent the vast majority of my life in Raleigh, North Carolina, this was an…

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Voluntourism Makes Me So Mad

and I’m going to write about it soon. Look at this jewel I found on Tumblr: “Hi, I would need some help. I want to go and help the poor … Continue reading

January 28, 2015 · 1 Comment

With Charity For All: Why Charities Are Failing… and a Better Way to Give

Okay, I always knew charities had problems, but former NPR CEO Ken Stern sheds light on the nonprofit environment through tons of research. (He recognizes the irony, and it’s probably better … Continue reading

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My New Project

I mean, I’ll still be here, but I randomly decided to do THIS too. I mean, I basically do it anyway, but now I’ll publicize it and keep better notes.

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It’s a DJ’s world, and we’re just living in it

I love music, but I’m not the most knowledgeable about the process of creating music. Just wanted some clarification… I usually think of modern musical artists to be the singers … Continue reading

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The Travel Bug Bites Again

My parents and I were supposed to go to Puerto Rico this past week. Honestly I was a little tired of traveling and planning this past year, and I can’t … Continue reading

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Gender Discrimination as Experienced by Trans Men

For anyone who doesn’t think gender inequality exists in the US, check out your typical work environment (unless you’re a nurse or kindergarten teacher): These anecdotes say it all. Trans men whose coworkers … Continue reading

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To Gun or Not to Gun

After all the tragedies lately, having no guns in America would probably be ideal. (The Southerner in me wonders what happens to those who want to shoot game.) Look at … Continue reading

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Through the Eyes of an Only Child

These are a few of the random and naive (but honest) thoughts of an only child. I’m confident I’ll still be able to parent multiple children (oh gosh, my boyfriend is also … Continue reading

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