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Should You Be In Silicon Valley?

I was literally about to write a post about just this (when I read about the laundry delivery service for $50/bag and dating app upon dating app), but Ricky took the words out of my mouth.

I love SF and the Bay Area and really want to live there for as long as I can, but the ridiculousness of the “echo chamber” really struck a chord with me. Start-ups, as a generalization, used to be seen as innovative and risky, but now it feels like it’s just a bunch of young men making six figures with free housing and free food and free games and free alcohol, etc. to emulate something that was already created… but with a minuscule twist that warrants $$$$$$ in funding. I can think of so many better uses for the thousands, millions, and billions of dollars.

But because the rich people have the money, they’ll invest in whatever they “need” or want or think needs to happen in the world (think ed tech… on a side note, coding and other parts of the tech industry are powerful tools, but do you really need to be innovating every industry you don’t know much about?). And part of the problem is that the media likes to talk about all the spectacularly useless or elitist stuff the industry produces–how come I’ve never heard about a start-up that helps out all the SF homeless people in some way?

Anyway, it’s easy to get caught up in that rat race of working for the most comfy and generous tech company, but I hope I stay ~grounded.

Ricky Hopper

Recently, I returned home from an internship in Silicon Valley. Having spent the vast majority of my life in Raleigh, North Carolina, this was an entirely different experience than anything I had ever been through before, and it really opened my eyes to just how different the Valley is from the rest of the country. There are immense opportunities on the West Coast that don’t exist outside of the infamous technological center of the United States, but there are also many aspects of the area that cause me to question whether or not I would like to live there. As such, I thought I’d share my experience for others who might be in the same boat.

Let’s start with the good: SV is rife with opportunity for technology startups and emerging businesses. An enthusiasm for entrepreneurship seems to have infected the entire populace, with so many new apps and ideas…

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