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A Conversation with Wendy Kopp

So I’m a pretty loud critic of Teach for America in my friend circle, and I headed to a Penn sponsored event with guest speaker Wendy Kopp, Founder and Chair of … Continue reading

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Should You Be In Silicon Valley?

Originally posted on Ricky Hopper:
Recently, I returned home from an internship in Silicon Valley. Having spent the vast majority of my life in Raleigh, North Carolina, this was an…

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Voluntourism Makes Me So Mad

and I’m going to write about it soon. Look at this jewel I found on Tumblr: “Hi, I would need some help. I want to go and help the poor … Continue reading

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With Charity For All: Why Charities Are Failing… and a Better Way to Give

Okay, I always knew charities had problems, but former NPR CEO Ken Stern sheds light on the nonprofit environment through tons of research. (He recognizes the irony, and it’s probably better … Continue reading

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My New Project

I mean, I’ll still be here, but I randomly decided to do THIS too. I mean, I basically do it anyway, but now I’ll publicize it and keep better notes.

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It’s a DJ’s world, and we’re just living in it

I love music, but I’m not the most knowledgeable about the process of creating music. Just wanted some clarification… I usually think of modern musical artists to be the singers … Continue reading

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The Travel Bug Bites Again

My parents and I were supposed to go to Puerto Rico this past week. Honestly I was a little tired of traveling and planning this past year, and I can’t … Continue reading

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